The weather was nice and spirits were high for our adoption event on Saturday, 1/27, at the PetSmart in Wheaton. We had a busy, fun and productive day :-)

13 kittens (Scooby, Scrabble, Popcorn, DingDong, Aviva, Trixie, Bitsy, Huggy, HoHo, Tarik, Abigail, Swizzle, Peony) and 3 adults (Sparky, Trusty, Chica) were the stars of our show.

3 pre-approved adopters came to meet our cats & kittens and 6 applications were completed at the event. This resulted in 5 adoptions at the event, 1 on Sunday, and 2 likely in the near future.

  • We started out the event with an adult adoption :-) Trusty went home with a great gal from Warrenville. He will be her only kitty companion, but will have 2 older dogs to keep him company.
  • HoHo and Tarik were the choice of the children of a nice family from West Chicago whose prior cat had recently passed.
  • Aviva won the heart of a wonderful gal from Wheaton. She will have an 11 yr old male cat as a companion.
  • Abigail went home with a great family from St. Charles. She will have a 3 yr old male cat (rescued by Aurora River Cats) as her companion.
  • Popcorn went home on Sunday with a nice family from Glen Ellyn, who have traditionally been "dog people", but the dad and son wanted a cat. Popcorn is sure to show them how wonderful felines can be!

Follow-up is also underway with 2 other approved adopters.

December and January are typically some of our busiest months for adoptions and this year was no exception. We had 35 adoptions in January with ~25 of those adoptions occurring in the last 2 weeks, so it has been a very busy time. Hopefully the momentum will continue so we can find homes for all of our 2017 rescues to make room for our soon to be starting 2018 rescues!

Many thanks to the volunteers and fosters who made the event a success, namely Sara, Bonnie, Lauren, Julie, Diane L, Cheri, Nicolette, Marjorie & Murray, Christine R, Dedra, Leslie, Rhae & Greg, Erika, and Laurel. Your help with set-up and clean-up is most appreciated, and your interaction with our guests and potential adopters is what yields successful adoptions - thank you so much!

Special thanks to Julie for the excellent photographic and video coverage of the event, and to Sara for handling the adoption paperwork and helping with adoption counseling during the event. Many thanks to Connie and Ted for advertising the event and providing live Facebook coverage. Thanks to Lauren for the cute cage cards, and to Debbie and Mike for updating the Adoptable Cats & Kittens board and binder. Thanks also to Sara for help with the laundry.

Our next adoption event will be Saturday, 2/17, at the PetSmart at 63 Rice Lake Square in Wheaton from 11am-3pm. This is the first PetSmart National Adoption Weekend in 2018.



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