Friends and Partners of Feral Fixers

Feral Fixers could not do the work it does without the active support of other groups and individuals. We'd like to mention some of them here:

  PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) is a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Chicago where Feral Fixers brings the great majority of its cats to be examined, fixed, tested, vaccinated, ear-tipped and micro-chipped. We literally could not do what we do without this organization. Their (very) low cost feral cat package allows us to offer our services to everyone and their willingness to be flexible with us when we bring in an unexpectedly large 'haul' of cats allows us to be aggressive in our trapping. In addition to providing low-cost spay/neuter services, they are Chicago's largest no-kill humane organization and they also donate food to our colony caretakers. They provide a wealth of services, all of which are detailed on their website.
West Suburban Humane Society (WSHS) is a volunteer-based, animal welfare organization that was founded in 1972 as a lost-and-found referral service. They have grown into a shelter that provides an average of 600 cats and dogs adoptive homes each year. WSHS has been a strong supporter of Feral Fixers, we have transferred an average of 100 cats a year to them for adoption. As with all animals in their care, these cats have received ongoing veterinary care during their stay at WSHS, no matter how big or small the condition. Each cat is considered an individual and will stay with WSHS until the right adoptive home is found for each one. Visit their website to learn more.  
  Triple R Pets. This group (Relief - Rescue - Rebuild) is; "...a grass roots effort of volunteers from across the country coming together to provide support for animals during crisis situations. The group was formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, when there was a need for ongoing support in the communities of Coastal Mississippi...". They have 'branched' out into practicing TNR and now have an agreement signed with the Village of LaGrange to provide their TNR services to them. We work closely with Triple R Pets, helping each other out when necessary. They are a great group - check out their website.
AnimalHearted. Feral Fixers is an official affiliate with the people at AnimalHearted to help raise money for our efforts. AnimalHearted has an really cool line of "Apparel And Gifts That Save Animals". You can also have a custom T-Shirt made with a picture of your favorite pet! Whenever you purchase anything from their website using a link from our website, a portion of the purchase price is donated to Feral Fixers. In addition, if you use the Coupon Code SUPPORTFERALFIXERS at checkout, in addition to still having a portion of your purchase amount donated to Feral Fixers, you will also get a 10% discount on your order! Thank you ResQThreads!  
  ResQthreads. Feral Fixers has partnered with the good folks at ResQThreads to help raise money for our efforts. ResQThreads has an extensive line of "Apparel and Accessories in support of Animal Rescues". Whenever you purchase anything from their website, $10 of the purchase price is donated to the Charity of your choice. By designating Feral Fixers as your Charity, you can raise money for us simply by purchasing one or more of the very cool items displayed on their website. Thank you ResQThreads!

To these Friends and Partners, Feral Fixers says "Thank you"!


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